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 About LASIK 


The LASIK procedure is a fast and effective way for many people to improve their vision -- without glasses or contact lenses. It combines the most advanced and widely used technolgy so that you can enjoy the things you love most!

Is LASIK for you?

LASIK can successfully offer lens-free living to a great majority of patients. Do any of the statements below ring true?


  • I feel glasses are a handicap

  • I have difficulty wearing contact lenses

  • I am concerned about my strong dependence on glasses and contact lenses, especially in emergency situations

  • Glasses and contact lenses keep me from enjoying a full and active life

  • I would like to pursue a career which requires better vision without glasses or contact lenses

  • I understand that LASIK and PRK can greatly improve my natural vision, but that it doesn't always lead to perfect 20/20 vision. I would be happy just to see better than I do now without glasses

Technology we have at Horizon Vision Centers:


  • VISX Star S4-IR Excimer Laser

  • Allegretto WaveLight Excimer Laser

  • Pentacam Diagnostic Analysis

  • Intralase FS Femtosecond Laser

  • Ziemer Z2 Femtosecond LDV Laser

  • VISX Wavescan WaveFront Advanced Customvue System



More information from the FDA:


Other informative links:

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American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons: 

All About Vision - Patient Information Site:

VISX Laser:

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Allegretto WaveLight Laser Info:

The 3 Steps to LASIK


Basically going from here to LASIK is a three step process:




  • Your doctor will perform an evaluation that takes from 30 - 45 minutes and helps determine if you are a candidate the the procedure

  • This evaluation involves a variety of painless tests to check the health of your eyes and note their individual characteristics




  • During this appointment we are looking at your eyes in a comprehensive way! This will include a complete physical and eye history and a thorough examination of both eyes

  • In addition, computerized mapping of your cornea will be done

  • Discussion of your particular lifestyle needs and expectations. This appointment usually takes about 1.5 hours




  • You will be awake during the procedure and may recieve medication to relax

  • Drops will numb your eyes and you may feel a slight pressure sensation

  • Usually, both eyes are treated during the same visit

  • A laser, or microkeratome is used to make a thin flap on your cornea. Now, the eye is ready for treatment with the second excemer laser

  • An excimer laser is used to reshape your cornea, based on your unique vision and eye characteristics




  • The entire procedure is typically completed in about 20 minutes

  • Many people notice dramatically better vision right away

  • Going home and taking a nap is the best thing for your healing

  • You will have post-op instructions, and be given contact information should you have any questions. Your appointment for follow-up is typically the next day, the next week, and the next month

  • Please make arrangements for transportation after your surgery. You will not be able to drive yourself.


The procedure is integrated, personalized, and based on advanced vision technology at every step!

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